Not A Relationship. #5

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Chapter 5: Shriya Enters


‘Hieeee,’ said Shriya coming towards them. Shriya, one of the eight. The South Indian one. Anaya’s best friend once. Like a sister from another mother. But then came a storm and took away everything with it. And now they were not more than acquaintances. But they had moved on with their lives. Now a Scientist at UniBio Lab, Chicago, USA, she was happy and proud.

‘Arivuuuu!’ said Rony and hugged her. No one knew why he called her that.
‘When did you come back from the US?’
‘Last week. Work trip! Fortunately, it was here in Pune.’ She said.
‘Hi, Shriya.’ Said Nikansh and Anaya.
‘Hi.’ She replied and looked away at Rohan, ‘Hey, Rohan, how is Raghav?’
‘He’ll be fine. Doctors said he has some lung related disease but they are operating on it.’
‘Ya, don’t you guys worry. He never wronged anyone. He’ll be fine.’ She said giving a hint of a taunt to Anaya.
‘Who is this?’ She whispered to Rehaan pointing her finger towards Alia. Alia noticed.
‘Hi Shriya, I’m Alia. Raghav’s friend from his Mass Comm class.’ She said.
‘You know me?’ Shriya said, startled.
‘I know everyone. Not much, but enough to tell who’s good and who’s not,’ she said and gave Anaya a satirical look, ‘He has told me about everyone.’
‘And what did he tell you about me?’ she said and sat on the bench beside her.
‘He told me that you are one of the best sisters he has got. But he feels ashamed and guilty of how he treated you because of his love. People become blind, you know?’ She said and gave a furious stare to Nikansh.
‘Enough with the taunts Alia.’ Anaya roared and got up from her seat.
‘Look who’s talking!’ Shriya said with a laugh.
‘You-’ she said but Nikansh interjected and pulled her by her hand and calmed her down.

‘Where is Sarav? Said Rehaan.
‘He is coming tomorrow.’ Shriya replied.
‘Do you know about the diary Shriya?’ Rony asked.
‘What diary?’ she said, puzzled.
‘You had to bring it up, didn’t you?’ said Nikansh and rolled his eyes.
‘What are you guys talking about?’ Shriya said more confused than ever.
‘There is this diary Raghav wrote. It has everything since the beginning of engineering.’ Alia said.
‘Interesting.’ she said, ‘So where have we reached in the diary?’ she asked and looked around.
‘His birthday. 2014.’ Rohan said.
‘Hmm. I don’t remember much. But it’s okay. Let’s read further. Excited!’ Shriya said as she took the diary from Rony.


8 August 2014.
How could she? I mean how the hell could she? Had a fucking big fight today. It was me, Nikansh, Anaya versus Shriya and Sarav. I don’t know what’s got into her after they both got into a relationship…


The phone rang. It was Anaya, sobbing.

‘Anaya?’ he said as he noticed her soft moans, ‘Are you crying baby?’ Raghav said, concerned.
‘Shriya moved to Chennai. She didn’t even fucking tell me and she calls me her best friend. First, she hides her relationship with Sarav from me and now this.’ she said and continued crying.
‘What! She is moving to Chennai! Permanently?’ he said, dismayed.
‘Come online on Whatsapp. You’ll understand everything’ she said and cut the call.

Raghav hurried, unlocked his phone and found hundreds of texts in the Whatsapp group. There were messages from Nikansh, Anaya, Shriya, and Sarav. Anaya yelled at her for not telling her before moving. Nikansh backed her up while Sarav stood by Shriya.


Anaya: And what about your love story huh? When were you going to tell me? I should have been the first one to know about it. Where’s your best friend forever bond now? Tell me Shriya!
Shriya: Ok! First of all, I came to know that we are moving to Chennai after I reached Chennai. Second, Raghav set us up, therefore I couldn’t tell you first.
Nikansh: But how did he come to know about the feelings you had for Sarav? Obviously, you told him, that’s how he could have known.
Sarav: Can’t Raghav make her spit it out Nikansh? Can’t he make us tell him?
Raghav: But Sarav she could have told her first before getting into the relationship. I agree with what you said but what about the relationship? And Shriya I’m disappointed with you. Don’t tell me you’re never coming back!
Shriya: Look, guys, stop yelling, please. I’m telling you. It was after I got here, that I got to know about moving to Chennai. I don’t know when I’ll be back but, I will one day. I swear. And About the relationship stuff, I don’t know when it became official.
Anaya: What! Are you crazy? Just tell me if you want us to leave you. Tell us if you’re tired of us. There’s no need to make crazy stories. You didn’t know about moving to Chennai? What are you? 5?
Raghav: And about the relationship, you didn’t know when it became official! Are you fucking crazy?
Sarav: There’s no need to be rude guys.
Nikansh: Yes, there is the need of being rude. It’s the least we are doing.

And they fought like a cats and dogs. This day made a crack in their relationship. This was the day it became Nikansh, Anaya, and Raghav; and, Sarav and Shriya. How funny is it? Love. A blindfold? No. More like a pair of glasses through which everything seems right about the one you fell for and everything seems wrong about the people against that person.


…I’m not talking to her now. How could she talk to Anaya like that? How could she treat her like this? How could she make her cry like that? No! I’m not in a relationship with her, I’m just her bestie but I feel a hell lot concerned for her. I couldn’t hear her cry. YOU DID WRONG SHRIYA!


‘Don’t you feel like laughing, Anaya? DON’T YOU FUCKING FEEL LIKE LAUGHING?’ Shriya said with her pitch high above normal and continued, ‘Nothing was the same after that day. You never behaved like before, neither could I. It changed you, Anaya. It changed Raghav’s and Nikansh’s behavior towards me. It changed me too. Our friendship became a mere illusion. It seemed like it was there, but it was long dead. I don’t understand why do we have to dwell into this race of hatred, insecurities, expectations and all these little fights? And then we hate the rancor about forgetting who we are and how we loved each other.’ She couldn’t look at Anaya, not because she was afraid, but because she didn’t want her to know that she was crying for her. She thought Anaya didn’t deserve it.

‘Listen, Shriya. It was not me who told Nikansh and Raghav to behave like the way they did. It was their own bloody choice. I understand that you were hurt but how they behaved with you, it wasn’t my fault. I’m sorry for all those silly fights. I wish I could go back in the past and stop myself from making those mistakes. But I can’t. And I’m sorry.’ Anaya said with a river of tears floating down her eyes. Even she missed it. That bond with Shriya. She was the last girl best friend she had had after whom she had no one but Nikansh.

‘It’s okay Anaya. I don’t blame you for what Raghav and Nikansh did with me. They were blind. They longed for the love you gave them which was like a belt to their necks whose chains were in your hands. I understand. But at least Raghav apologized and made it up with me by buying me one good Mc Maharaja Burger.’ Shriya said with a huge smile as her mind floated in nostalgia but a tear trickled down her cheeks. Nikansh kept quiet and Shriya’s eyes turned towards him.

‘I don’t expect it from you Nikansh. I knew it. You were always there for her, and only her. We never mattered. At first, we did, but after passing out from 12th grade, it was just a fucking formality and fakeness of yours, and I get it, man! It was LOVE!’ she cried her heart out.
Alia clutched her hand and she stopped crying while Nikansh kept silent. Shriya had immediately developed a liking towards Alia when she saw her spoke her heart out and mock Alia and Nikansh since the beginning. She noticed that Alia was one independent bitch who gave no fucks about anyone.

‘Anyways, why are you both here?’ she said as she wiped out her tears, ‘After all this time why now?’ she said. Nikansh took his face up and saw straight into her.
‘You know Shriya, Everyone judged us so quickly, we never got any time to explain ourselves. We always cared about him Shriya. We did. We hated him but we did care for him. We were friends once and I valued that. It was him who ruined it.’ He said holding Anaya’s hand tightly.

‘Yeah! He ruined it, by falling in love with her. I agree with you Nikansh, he did ruin it. His mistake was to fall for a person who loved with conditions all around.’ Alia uttered.
‘Do you remember how we threatened your ex, Anaya? The one before Raghav?’ Shriya said with a smile.
‘Yes, I do.’ she said with a trip down her memory lane.
‘And do you remember how you guys threatened Raghav?’ Shriya said as her smile soon turned into a straight line.



Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

© 2017 Nikhil Wasnik
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Not A Relationship. #4

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Chapter 4: The Birthday in his Diary


21 July 2014

So it’s my birthday. Doesn’t feel like it. Well, it never did. Reason? Maybe because I always expect too much. I have a little circle. The Eight of us, that’s it.
Raghav, Anaya, Nikansh, Rony, Mikesh, Sarav, Shriya, Tanay.
That’s it. It’s just a year I’ve known them except for Mikesh and Rony, my childhood friends since 6th grade.
They all called me at midnight 12 am… 

‘Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear Raghav, Happy Birthday to you.’ They sang in the chorus.
‘Happy Birthday Raghav!’ said Anaya with sheer excitement. It seemed obvious that she was the happiest of all.
‘Yo, What’s up my bro?’ Said Rony with a funny voice trying to be funny.
‘Did you cut the cake?’ Said Shriya.
There is one thing about conference calls. There is always a huge mess.
‘No I didn’t. I don’t have friends here. They are all Marathi speaking and they’re weird.’
‘You have to make friends man. Friends don’t just happen.’ Said Nikansh.
‘Ya Ya’ said Raghav with a sigh.
‘So, Raghav, did the dancer find his partner?’ said Sarav.
‘Yes, tell us Raghav, did you find anyone’ said Anaya with a grin.
‘No, But I will, soon enough’ said Raghav and Anaya laughed.

‘Ummm, what are you guys talking about?’ Said Nikansh as he got the hint of Raghav flirting with her. Nikansh, the lover, since 11th grade. He was crazy for her, but she rejected him. More like, he didn’t propose her because she already told him not to. ‘I’ll wait. I’ll make you love me’ he told her.
They talked and laughed and talked. After an hour, they disconnected. Raghav’s phone beeped. It was Anaya. She sent a video of her, singing happy birthday to him and blowing the candle on the cupcake. She also sent a message.

 Hi boo!
I couldn’t say this in the video,
well I’m a girl, obviously, I feel shy.
But here I am like I am always with you with these texts.
And I promise I’ll always be there with you no matter what.
I swear, no value of crosses!
You’re one of the most important people I have in my life.
And I don’t know when it happened. But I’m glad it happened.
So be there with me. And please, go dance! It’s been months!
Happy bday once again.
Love ya! ❤



…And the day became special. I saw that video hundreds of times today. And I’ll continue doing it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I can’t stop smiling. NO! It is not love. Definitely not a relationship!


‘You know, I’ve always wondered, was it really a group? The eight? I mean, I never felt like it, that togetherness, after 12th grade. I got busy with studies and my girlfriend, Mikesh got a new circle of friends, Sarav and Shriya coupled up, Tanay got apart to Kolhapur and you three, Nikansh, Anaya, and Raghav, I never knew what you guys were up to, especially you Anaya.’ Said Rony looking at her with vengeance in his eyes. The vengeance was obvious. She was the one who built up a wall between both of them, The Bros before Hoes. No one knew what she did but the diary was going to unlock all the questions. All they knew was once his best friend, Rony, now was just a friend. Rony was an engineer at Infosys. Tall, dark and handsome. The perfect guy a girl would wish for, but he was already committed. He had run his relationship the longest among anyone present there, for about 7 years, and still deeply in love.
Anaya kept quiet. Meanwhile, Chaitanya returned.

‘Guys, the formalities are done, and I think we should inform his mother, shouldn’t we?’ he said.
‘Umm, ya, Rohan, will you? Please?’ said Alia with her puppy face. And he was never able to ignore a puppy face. So this task was on him.

‘Yes, sure,’ he said and got up to dial his mom’s number. She didn’t receive the call, obviously, he looked at the time and thought. 2 am it was.
‘Alia, it’s 2 am, she isn’t receiving the call. I think we should inform her in the morning.’
‘Hmm.’ Said Alia.

‘Is Mikesh coming?’ Anaya asked Rohan.
‘I don’t know, I thought you had called him.’
‘Damn, wait I’ll call him.’ She got up and went to a corner.
‘Where is he nowadays?’ Rohan asked Nikansh.
‘Mikesh? I don’t know.’ He said and then looked at Rony.
‘I don’t know either.’ Said Rony.
‘He is in Pune itself, he owns a hardware company.’ said Anaya coming back to her seat, ‘Thankfully.’

Mikesh belonged to a typical Marwadi family. They were very conservative. They even wanted him to get married once at the age of 18. He escaped though. Now he owns a hardware company having outlets all around India.

‘Is he coming?’ Rohan asked her.
‘Yes.’ she said.




Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

© 2017 Nikhil Wasnik
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Not A Relationship. #3

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Chapter 3: The Diary


26 June 2014

Today is the day I am going to move to a new place and start a new life. I’m starting this diary on the train which is going to take me to this place, Lonavala. Quite fancy isn’t it? I am happy. Because I’m not alone. She is there with me, well, miles apart but I feel her. I can feel her texts too…

‘Beta, have dinner, come down,’ Raghav’s mother said while unpacking not one but three tiffins. That’s how moms are; just one job, that is, stuffing their child’s stomach with food.

‘Yes, mummy.’ Raghav said as he opened Anaya’s message.
Anaya: I’m missing you.
Raghav: Don’t, I’m there.
Anaya: Promise me you’ll call me every day.
Raghav: Yes I promise.
Anaya: No value of crosses?
Raghav: Yes baba, I promise, no value of crosses.
Anaya: Okie. Accha you took everything na?
Raghav: I forgot one thing.
Anaya: What?
Raghav: You!
Anaya: Pagal. Happy journey. Love you!
‘Love you too.’ He typed but lost network. ‘Damn!’ he said but smiled. 

…NO! It isn’t a relationship, maybe flirtationship, if that’s a thing. I ain’t in love with her or any of that crap. She is my bestie, with whom I can flirt. Ok, that’s it for today. I’m new to this. I don’t know how to end it. So, bye?


There was a weird smile on her face, which soon vanished when Nikansh looked at her. Everyone did, but it was Nikansh who mattered.

‘Does anyone have water’
‘Here,’ said Rony handing her a bottle of water.
‘Is that his diary?’ said Chaitanya from behind.
‘You know about it?’ Rohan asked.
‘I just know he had one. What’s inside, even I want to know that.’ Said Chaitanya looking at the diary. Chaitanya was also a dancer, a friend of Raghav from his engineering days. And a good one. His dance form was MJ style, the style which was introduced by the god of dance, Michael Jackson himself. Anyone can dance but imitating the body language was a tough job which he did well. He started his own Dancing Academy which became successful with the help of Raghav. Chaitanya was a guy with a dark skin, average height, and hair like Shah Rukh Khan which made it obvious that he was an SRK fan.

‘Should we read it?’ he said while Rohan took the diary from her.
‘No, I just gave it to you guys so that you can frame it and keep it at your houses, he’s a star and you should keep it as a memoir.’ Alia said with an arrogant sarcasm.
‘Can’t you be without that sarcasm?’ said Anaya, annoyed.
‘No. You won’t like it if I call you a bitch on your face.’
‘Woah Woah, calm your tongue down, watch your mouth, Alia.’ Said Nikansh.
‘And here comes the bodyguard.’ Said Alia
Nikansh came forward in front of her. And Rohan too came and stood in front of him.
‘Guys calm down. It’s a hospital for fuck’s sake.’ Said Rony.
Rohan, Alia, and Rony took seats and Nikansh and Anaya sat on the bench in front of them.

‘You don’t have to take a stand for me.’ Said Alia in a low voice.
‘I know that. I just wanted him to hit me first so that I could break his jaw. You were just an excuse’ said Rohan with a wink.
‘Cool, you break his jaw, I’ll break his nuts.’ she said and giggled.
Silence struck again. There were just stares. Nikansh looking straight into Rohan with the ‘Bahaar mil’ attitude. Anaya and Alia fighting with their eyes. By now they were exchanging swears through the invisible connection, another facility of the bitch mode.
‘Damn babies always annoyed me.’ Said Rohan, as he heard babies crying in the maternity ward.
‘I’m reading it,’ he said as he opened the diary. Nobody reacted. They were afraid. Eventually, every one of them was going to appear in this ‘Diary movie’ and everyone knew what role they had played.


15 July 2014

Ok. I accept it! It was a big mistake coming here. I also agree it was just the scenic beauty towards which I got attracted and which became the reason of me joining this college. But then again I’m not alone. She’s with me. My mornings begin with a smile on my face every day. Reason? Her good morning texts. It was nothing for normal human beings. But for me, a ‘good morning boo’ meant a hell lot…

So my routine is like this:
Wake up at 8 am (with a smile on face.)
Get ready and reach college by 9 am
By 11 am during tea break give her a brief call and flirt a little…

‘Sir, where can I find classroom C101?’ he said, confused, looking into his timetable, which was just renewed and the classes were shifted.
‘Go straight and you’ll find the First-Year Department board. You’ll find it there.’ He said.
Raghav reached the classroom and found a seat beside a fat guy with spectacles.
‘Hi, I’m Adhirya Wagh.’ he said taking his hand in front of him to shake.
‘Raghav Acharya.’ he said with a smile and shook his hand, ‘I haven’t seen you before.’ Raghav said.
‘Ya! I joined today itself. CAP round 3.’
‘Hmm.’ Raghav said and took his eyes away to the blackboard.
The classes continued and by the end of the day, Raghav had already called Anaya about 6 times. And now again after dinner. Seemed like they were actually together.

‘Hi, baby.’ He said, blushing.
‘Hi, boo.’ she replied.
‘What’s my baby doing?’
‘She is missing you while looking at the pictures of you and her.’
‘How sweet!’
‘I’m always sweet, wanna taste?’
‘One day, I will.’ he chuckled…

…And I don’t know when she fell asleep while I was talking. Crazy she is. And NO! It’s not a relationship. I still don’t know how to end a page in a diary. So, bye!


‘Yeah, you definitely weren’t in a relationship.’ Rohan looked at Anaya and mocked her.
‘Look, Rohan, You won’t get it,‘ Anaya shrieked.

‘The doctors are here,’ he said looking towards them.
Alia and Rohan rush towards the doctors while others behind them.
‘Is he okay?’ Alia asks one of them, ‘What happened to him?’
‘We’ll answer all your questions but someone needs to complete all the formalities.’
‘I’ll go.’ Said Chaitanya and the assistant doctor guided him the way.
‘We Diagnosed him with Lung Abscess, a type of disease in which pus-filled cavity is formed in the lungs.’ The doctor said with his eyes on the report.
‘But how?’ said Anaya, curious.
‘Excessive alcohol.’
‘Is he out of danger?’ Alia asks with tears in her eyes.
‘He will be. We need to operate him as soon as possible.’ The senior doctor said.
‘You go ahead for the operation, sir. We’ll complete the formalities.’ Said Rohan with assurance.

By now Alia had collapsed on the bench with her face buried in her palms.  It was just the sound of her soft cries which echoed in the huge corridor. Hospitals are strange. Here life begins, with cries of the babies, but it also ends, but with cries of the loved ones. A place where even the people who once tried to part their ways due to foolish fights and needless egos gather back and pray together.

‘Hey, listen? He’s going to be okay!’ Rohan said trying to console her but she continued sobbing.
‘Yes, he’ll be fine for sure. They call him Phynix, you know. He once told me, Phoenix, a bird which takes birth through its own ashes.’ Said Anaya with her hand on her shoulder.
‘I don’t care what they call him, he was always my Raghav. And he will be.’ She said crying loudly.
They were confused. Who was she to him? Girlfriend? When did she become so close to him? Only if it was the right time to ask these questions, they would have understood the exact situation.

Rohan looked at Anaya and notice the little tear bubbles in the corner of her eyes. He sometimes would feel pity for her but then he would come back to the reality of what she did to him and hated her more and everyone did too, except for Nikansh. They knew a few things, the summary of his story, but now they had the novel, his diary. It might make them hate her even more or forgive her and accept her. Nikansh stood in the corner. No one ever felt that he was among them. That look on his face, seemed like he came just for his girlfriend, why won’t he? Always there for her. Always. No matter how wrong she went. Love is what he called it, stupidity, the world called it. Nikansh came towards her, grabbed her hand, made her sit, hugged her and calmed her down.

‘21 July 2014’ read Rony. Everyone looked at him.
‘Is it really necessary?’ said Nikansh from the corner.
‘Instead of crying and stressing our minds with wrong thoughts we should try to figure where we went wrong.’ Said Rony.
‘Or is it that you’re afraid of what it might reveal?’ said Alia wiping off her tears with slight anger on her face.
‘Have you read it?’ Anaya asked Alia.
‘No. I read the first page. It started with you. I thought you should be the first one to read it.’
‘And am I the first one to read it?’
‘What happened today, made me realize that this should happen today itself, as you are here. I cannot see him this way. Maybe this diary will help.’ Said Alia looking away from her, trying to hold back the tears.
‘What do you mean? Am I the reason he has become the way he is today?’ said Anaya taking her hand out from Nikansh’s hand.
‘I don’t know. That’s why we need to read this diary.’



Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

© 2017 Nikhil Wasnik
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Not A Relationship. #2

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Chapter 2: The Hospital


‘Rohan? Where’s he?’ said Alia, Raghav’s friend. She was his friend since he had quit engineering, his new classmate. That’s all anyone knew about her. Rohan had never met her. ‘Damn, she is beautiful.’ Rohan said to himself. She was probably prettier than Alia Bhatt. Dark black hair, like there are no clouds, no stars, no moon and no light in the sky, but a red streak like a shooting star which made her look like one. Her eyes with that mascara which was like a boundary wall to the ocean-like eyes. A little baby-like nose and those sensuous lips, which would send even a saint’s mind into a sensual state of intoxication. Those curves were breathtaking and dangerous. Her body cried out ‘Beautiful’ and everyone agreed. But something about her seemed off. Raghav never had many friends. Not many people had come to visit him. Being just a friend, she seemed quite worried about him. He was a closed book. It always took a lot of keys to open him up. And seeing her worried this much she had surely made it to the top ten he has. Probably top 4. It was just four who showed up for him, Rohan, Alia, Chaitanya his senior and Rony his childhood friend.

‘He’s in the ICU,’ Rohan replied.
‘What happened? And how? What did the doctors say?’ she asked all these questions just in seconds.
‘I don’t know. He just collapsed on stage with blood coming out of his mouth. The doctors are yet to come out.’
‘I just hope he is fine. Have you informed his mom?’
‘No. I think I should.’
‘No, wait. Let’s wait for the doctors’
‘Hey, We’ll go get water for you both.’ Said Rony and went out with Chaitanya.

It was 12 am. Silence in the corridors. Few nurses running around, it being the ICU area, few were sleeping on the benches, few crying. It was painful. It scared Rohan. He was his best friend first and then Phynix.

‘He has told a lot about you.’ She broke the silence while sitting on the bench. Rohan join.
‘He has?’ he asked, surprised.
‘Yeah, why so surprised?’
‘Nothing. It’s just, he doesn’t talk much.’ he said while checking the time. It was an hour ago they came here.
‘Yes, he doesn’t. But I do. So he has to.’ She said with a smile, but a tear coming down her face.
‘He’ll be fine,’ he said and tried to calm her.
‘Physically, yes. But emotionally?’ She looked at him with pain in her eyes. She knew much more. Rohan doubted his best friend tag. He looked away. He always feared this. The emotional thing which he was always uncomfortable with. He saw Nikansh and Anaya coming towards them.

‘Damn!’ he said to himself, his face falling down inside his hands.
‘Damn!’ Alia said looking at Anaya.
‘You know her?’ Rohan asked her.
‘I know her? I hate that bitch!’ She said.
‘The feeling is the same this side,’ he said with a grin. But she was in no mood to even smile. Rohan saw that look on her face. That bitch mode was on.

Anaya, the queen of the mean girls, the beautiful bitch, the girl who almost killed Raghav, the love of his life. She was short, about 5’3”, long hair, and a cute face. Her father wanted her to become an IAS officer but she was just another idiot doing a banking job with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Masters in Business Administration. On the other hand, Nikansh, a Salman fan, was a successful Civil Engineer at the MIHAN project in Nagpur. He was dark, a little muscular, and he wore a Salman Khan bracelet. The biggest reason everyone hated Anaya is that she got into a relationship with Nikansh just a month after she broke up with Raghav. It was not expected to see them here. Actually, the last thing they both hoped for was these two to visit Raghav.

‘You called her?’ Alia asked with an ‘I’ll kill you’ stare.
‘Not at all.’ He said, afraid.

‘Hey, Rohan.’ Anaya said with a smile.
‘Hi,’ Rohan said flatly.
‘Hi, Alia? Is it?’
‘Damn, I need a cigarette.’ She said and went out.
‘What? Is Alia not her name?’ she looked at him.
‘It is. Maybe it’s because your name is Anaya.’ he smiled sarcastically.
‘Funny’ she returned the sarcastic smile.
‘Who told you guys about this?’
‘Tanay, why?’
‘Nevermind, is he coming?’
‘Yes, but it will take a few days for him to come.’
‘Hey man,’ said Nikansh, ‘How’s he?’
‘I thought you’d never ask.’ Rohan said, ‘The doctors are yet to come out.’
‘But what happened?’ Anaya interfered. Rohan narrated the whole story, how he fell, how he bled and how he brought him here.
‘It’s all her doing. Cigarettes, weed and what not she has taught him.’ She said.
‘Is it?’ He looked straight into her eyes. She looked away.
‘Yes it is,’ said Alia from behind. ‘I agree, It’s all on me. You know him so well don’t you?’
‘I don’t know if I know him, but I know what’s best for him.’ She said trying to be tough enough to face her.
‘Yes, I see that. He’s definitely at his best right now,’ she said while unzipping her backpack. She took out a dusty old diary and handed it over to Anaya.
‘A diary?’ said Anaya, confused.
‘Raghav’s diary. I always keep it with me. You know he writes, don’t you?’
‘Yes,’ Anaya said with her eyes stuck on the diary, with hundreds of questions in her mind.



Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Not A Relationship. #1

What is love?
A feeling?


It’s a moment. One moment you are in love and then you’re out of it. It depends on you how long you can keep yourself in that moment. This defines love. But, this story isn’t about it. This story is about… Not A Relationship.

A story about a dancing star and what made him one. A story about his past.
A story about his heartbreak. A story about his rebirth.


Chapter 1: The Performance


‘Pass me the lighter,’ Raghav said. He looked weird today. His skin, pale, dark circles under his red swelled up eyes. It made him look evil.

‘What! Now?’ Rohan said. His manager plus a best friend. He has never smoked before his performance. He respected the dance floor. He respected art. He was an atheist, but he worshiped his art form and the dance floor was like a temple for him. Now Rohan was sure there’s something wrong with him.

‘Yeah,’ he said with a slightly rough voice.
‘What’s wrong with your voice?’
‘Nothing! Can you just give me the lighter?’ he urged.
‘Dude! It’s your performance!’
‘Are you giving me the lighter or not?’
‘Go fuck yourself then!’ Raghav said. He was never like this. But things had changed. There was a time when Rohan used to bully him. He never used to raise his voice. But now his anger was always on the tip of his nose.
He saw a junior dancer, thin as fuck, smoking in a corner of the backstage trying to hide. Rohan wondered if he’ll disappear one day because of smoking. Raghav went up to him and asked for a lighter. And the thin little guy was more than happy to give him one. ‘Damn, he’s a star,’ Rohan said to himself.
The little smoker asked for an autograph, but Raghav just ignored him. He was an arrogant asshole.

‘Tell me that’s not a joint!’ Rohan said with a shock seeing a joint in his hand. He said nothing. ‘Yeah, that’s how he treats his best friend.‘ thought Rohan.

‘Raghav!’ Rohan snapped. And all he got from him was the smoke he exhaled. ‘That’s it,’ Rohan said and snatched the joint from his mouth.
‘Give that back you motherfucker!’ he shouted at him and started coughing.
‘You okay?’ Rohan asked worriedly.
He coughed hard and pushed Rohan away. He fell down.
‘Saala chutiya’ Rohan yelled at him.

And now the moment you guys are waiting for. Next up coming on stage, Raghav Acharya!! Said the host of the show. Raghav looked at him furiously and moved towards the stage.

The crowds cheered out loud, Raghav! Raghav! There were also some girls shouting, Marry me Raghav! Rohan envied him, but he wished all the happiness for him too. How does it feel? To be loved by this majority, but deep inside you don’t actually know what real love is. Raghav was a broken heart and didn’t believe in love because of the events in the past. He danced for himself, not for the love of his fans. A dancing star who didn’t give a fuck about his fans but worshiped dance.

The music began with a piano tune, which he made look beautiful by his moves. Yes, Raghav was best known for giving the music an image. People didn’t just listen to the music, Raghav made the music visible by his graceful moves.

Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga, Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga.

And he went for his special move, The Suicide, he called it. Because he never completed the flip. He used to fall on his back intentionally. And the crowd would go crazy.

The croud cheered loud when he completed the move. But something seemed wrong. Why wasn’t he getting up? Rohan was no dancer, but he could tell that he just missed a line. It had been 5 seconds. That’s too long for a dancer. ‘There is definitely something wrong.’ Rohan thought.

Rohan rushed to the dance floor and found him bleeding from his mouth. There were people all around Raghav. The crowd too went numb.
‘Ambulance! Call the fucking ambulance, you assholes’ Rohan shouted.




Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

© 2017 Nikhil Wasnik
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

I’ve seen a man

I’ve seen a man inside me, scared, of the world in front of him, trying to cope up with the rivalry. Trying to fetch the fruit of success with desperation in his heart and confidence in his mind. Trying to avoid the people dragging him down.

I’ve seen a man inside me, broken by the war at which he failed but getting up with a bullet in his leg, trying to start again from the top with the will to conquer, in his heart.

I’ve seen a man inside me, crying his heart out for a girl who broke his heart, ending the stereotype, that a man shouldn’t cry. Trying to move on, sitting on the couch, wrapped up in his blanket with ice cream tub in his hands.

I’ve seen a man inside me, sharing his piece of bread with his loved ones even if he starves, living and trying to earn every single penny for them, just to see the smile on their faces. Since childhood to manhood, sacrificing candies, to sacrificing dreams. 

I’ve seen a man inside me, kneeling before his queen, with a ring in his hand, love in his heart and respect in his eyes. Treating her like he should, holding her like he should, loving her like he should and sharing his life with her like he should.

I’ve seen a MAN inside me… 


​Coming here, trying to write. Thinking of a title, a topic, a subject. But then realizing, why not just write some random shit and then decide what the title should be! 

No, I don’t know how or what it’s going to turn out. Good, bad or whatever. It’s just going to be me and my pen bleeding out my thoughts.

Like life? 

Yeah! Your story decides the title! You can’t write your story. But you can make it a good one. It’s your choice, which makes the story legendary, tragic or a romantic comedy.

Ever thought like this? Yeah! You might have. 



At age 10, deciding which lollipop candy to have, orange one or strawberry one. 

At 16, deciding which field to opt, science, commerce, arts or something else. 

At 18, deciding whether to ask her out on a date. 

At 24, deciding about job. 

Then marriage. 

Then kids. 

Then their education and so on until you die. 

It’s all about the choices you make. 

But why?


What’s the purpose of all this? 
To be happy? Yeah maybe. But are we? Every hour, every minute, every second there’s a decision to make. Do we think before every decision? 

That’s the fun! Sometimes you have to play blind! There have to be adventures in a story for it to be fun! 

You will make wrong decisions. You will go through bad situations. But in the end, when your grandchildren sit down and ask you to tell a story, at least you will have one to tell! 

Turned out good, didn’t it?