Pyaar Kiya Tha Kya Mujhse? 

Ek sawaal tha tumse…

Waise toh kahi the par filhal..

Ek hi sawaal tha tumse..

Pyaar kiya tha?

Bolo na pyaar kiya tha kya mujhse? 

Usse aaj kehti ho ki sula ke do mujhe..

Mujhse bhi toh kehti thi… 

Tumne mujhse bhi toh yehi kaha tha na ki meri baate sune baghaer neend nahi aati tumhe.. 

Par ye nahi bataya tumne ki wo baate nahi awaz sunke aati thi neend tumhe.. 

Toh yaa toh tumhe meri awaz me sirf wo sukoon milta tha, ya fir talna chahti thi mujhko tum… 

Uska haath bhi toh tumhare baalo me waise hi kho jata hai jaise mera haath kho jaya karta tha.. 

Tumne mujhse bhi toh yehi kaha tha na ki tumhare inn baalo ko sirf mai hi sawaar sakta hu.. 

Par ye nahi bataya ki jhoot bhi bolti ho tum.. 

Toh yaa toh tumhare un baalo ko aadat ho chuki thi meri… Ya fir bohot hi zyada reshmi hai tumhare ye baal jinhe koi bhi sawaar le.. 

Wo bhi toh peeche se aakar tumhari kamar pe haath pher kar pakad leta hai tumhe.. 

Tumne mujhse bhi toh sharma ke yehi kaha tha na ki yuhi pakad k rakho jaane na do mujhe… 

Par tumne ye nahi bataya ki tum khudko chhuda logi meri us pakad se aur koi aur pakad lega tumhe… 

Toh ya toh tumhe wo garmahat pasand thi mere saanson ki, ya fir tumhe wo garmaahat pasand hai jisse thand na lage tumhe, chahe wo kisi ki bhi ho.. 

Wo bhi toh chaddar ke andar tumhare upar aake tumhaari aankho me dekhta hai waise hi jaise mai dekhta tha.. 

Tumne mujhse bhi toh yehi kaha tha na ki aise sirf mujhe hi dekhna kisi aur ko nahi.. 

Par tumne ye nahi kaha tha ki khud hi nazar hata dogi tum mujhse.. 

Toh ya toh mera wo pyaar andha tha.. Ya fir mai kho chuka tha tumhare aankho me jo dekh nahi paya ki tumhari nazar ab kahi aur thi… 

Bolo na pyaar kiya tha kya mujhse? 

Agar kiya tha, toh usse nahi karti ho tum.. 

Agar karti ho, toh pyaar ka matlab hi nahi jaanti tum.. 

Jawab chahiye mujhe.. 

Aaj nahi… 

Us din jab wo bhi yehi sawal karega tumse ki.. 

Pyaar Kiya Tha Kya Mujhse? 


I’ve seen a man

I’ve seen a man inside me, scared, of the world in front of him, trying to cope up with the rivalry. Trying to fetch the fruit of success with desperation in his heart and confidence in his mind. Trying to avoid the people dragging him down.

I’ve seen a man inside me, broken by the war at which he failed but getting up with a bullet in his leg, trying to start again from the bottom with the will to conquer, in his heart.

I’ve seen a man inside me, crying his heart out for a girl who broke his heart, ending the stereotype, that a man shouldn’t cry. Trying to move on, sitting on the couch, wrapped up in his blanket with ice cream tub in his hands.

I’ve seen a man inside me, sharing his piece of bread with his loved ones even if he starves, living and trying to earn every single penny for them, just to see the smile on their faces. Since childhood to manhood, sacrificing candies, to sacrificing dreams. 

I’ve seen a man inside, kneeling before his queen, with a ring in his hand, love in his heart and respect in his eyes. Treating her like he should, holding her like he should, loving her like he should and sharing his life with her like he should.

I’ve seen a MAN inside me… 


Coming here, trying to write. Thinking of a title, a topic, a subject. But then realizing, why not just write some random shit and then decide what the title should be! 

No, I don’t know how or what it’s going to turn out. Good, bad or whatever. It’s just going to be me and my pen bleeding out my thoughts.

Like life? 

Yeah! Your story decides the title! You can’t write your story. But you can make it a good one. It’s your choice, which makes the story legendary, tragic or a romantic comedy.

Ever thought like this? Yeah! You might have. 



At age 10, deciding which lollipop candy to have, orange one or strawberry one. 

At 16, deciding which field to opt, science, commerce, arts or something else. 

At 18, deciding whether to ask her out on a date. 

At 24, deciding about job. 

Then marriage. 

Then kids. 

Then their education and so on until you die. 

It’s all about the choices you make. 

But why?


What’s the purpose of all this? 
To be happy? Yeah maybe. But are we? Every hour, every minute, every second there’s a decision to make. Do we think before every decision? 

That’s the fun! Sometimes you have to play blind! There have to be adventures in a story for it to be fun! 

You will make wrong decisions. You will go through bad situations. But in the end, when your grandchildren sit down and ask you to tell a story, at least you will have one to tell! 

Turned out good, didn’t it? 

I’ll wait… 

I’ll wait… 

Just like I waited at the coffee shop that day. Wondering if I’m looking good, checking on the camera of my phone. Sipping the coffee which tasted bitter without you. Thinking, of you, of the time I’d be spending with you.. Thinking how beautiful you look. Those eyes, that little nose, those lips and those hair.. And then you came like a goddess waking me up from my day dream.

I’ll wait.. 

Just like the day I waited for your answer to my confession, listening to the sound of the winds and that of your breathe through the phone. I stood there with hundreds of questions in my mind but just one for you to answer. I waited for you with butterflies in my stomach and an itch of nervousness in my hands. I could feel the change in your heart rate when I told you that I loved you. I’m glad I waited to hear that you loved me too. 

I’ll wait… 

Just like I waited for that first kiss, in the rain, mesmerized by the way you looked, with that mascara wearing off and that tight top you wore that day. I waited for my hands to slide on those curves of your hips, to grab you tightly and to kiss you like I’ll never again. To mess your hair up and to make love to you for I was getting crazier for you.

I’ll wait… 

Just like I waited at the end of the aisle in that suit trying to look good, in a dream which finally came true. Standing there, watching how beautiful that gown looked just because of you. Those few minutes were like years for me. Why won’t they? For I waited for infinity for this moment to come true. I’ll wait just like I waited for those vows to end, just to kiss you. 

I’ll wait for this life to end, to live another, with you… I’ll wait…